Financial Planning Items Needed

Please provide the following documentation via our ShareFile Secure Upload portal or the individual link that you received via email. Feel free to add items as you have them rather than waiting until you have everything together. Reach out at any time with questions or updates to your timeline!

Financial planning questionnaire

Income documents

  • Recent paystubs or W-2s
  • Social security statements
  • Documentation/details related to other income (business, rental, bonus/commission, etc.)

Recent statements for assets and liabilities

  • Bank accounts (Checking/savings/money market/CDs)
  • Investment accounts (529s, non-qualified, qualified, and employer-sponsored)
  • Mortgage, Auto loans, and any other loans or lines of credit
  • Credit card statements if the full balance is not paid monthly

Protection policy details and documents

  • Individual policies
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Income (DI) insurance
    • Long-term care
  • Employer/group coverage details
    • Life insurance
    • Long and short-term disability income insurance

Expense and cash flow information

  • Budget
    • Use the simplified template in the questionnaire or you can provide your own budget template
  • Savings and retirement contribution details
    • 529 or other savings contributions
    • IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan contributions
    • Employer contributions, matching, etc.