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Our Client Commitment

At Southeast Financial Services, Inc., we dedicate our efforts to always helping you create disciplined and prosperous wealth management. Once you become our client, you have the support of our whole team behind you. We will work together to help you achieve the best financial outcomes through well designed and managed financial plans and strategies.

To support this pledge, every team member at Southeast Financial Services, Inc. embraces the following values:

Open, Regular Communication

We believe that you should always have access to your account information and any perspectives that may affect your wealth management. We commit to supporting each client with open communication and proactive information. No matter what actions we take on your behalf or what we see emerging on the horizon, we’ll be your central resource providing you with the insight you need to gain clarity in your financial decisions.

Creativity in Our Approach

Providing standardized service and typical strategies is an easy business model to replicate. However, we’ve never believed in taking the easy road when it comes to doing what’s right for clients. We look for perspectives and strategies that others may overlook or ignore. By keeping our minds and efforts open and creative, we believe we’re better able to maximize the opportunities available to you.

Personalized Support

The clients we serve come from a variety of backgrounds and professional sectors — and we appreciate their diversity. By personalizing the support we provide, we are able to meet you where you are rather than making you fit into someone else’s service model and investment goals. As a result, we only design strategies that reflect your unique needs and will tailor our support to the specific services you require.


We form collaborative relationships — both internally as a team and externally with the people we serve. Behind the scenes, our team members come together to offer their professional experience in order to help you create the most suitable outcomes. In our client relationships, we’re here for each and every person we support, providing a space for you to ask questions and express concerns. Once you’re a client, we’re here for you.